AJSO - Producent sukienek

Passion, creativity, fantasy

Our designers work to create the uniqueness and exclusiveness of each design to highlight your femininity.

Elegant dresses by AJSO are the perfect choice for special occasions. Most of us know how difficult it is to find dresses that are fashionable, comfortable and elegant at the same time. For many years, we have been working in order to make sure our products keep up with the latest trends as well as having interesting designs.
The hard work of our designers and attention to the smallest detail contribute to the fact that our dresses have been matching the expectations of the most demanding customers for a long time now.

Autumn / winter collection

Elegance means subtlety, beauty, a sophisticated fashion and style. It represents the excellence that we, as a producer of dresses, have been striving for for many years.

Limited editions

We produce our garments in limited editions, therefore the AJSO collection includes an unusually wide range of products and a large selection of colours.

Attention to detail - this differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Our products are made from the highest quality selected materials. We focus on comfort without losing sight of a sophisticated style.

Guarantee of satisfaction and comfort

Our outfits have been designed for mature women who appreciate comfort and elegance. If you are fed up with rather boring, unimpressive dresses, have a look at our collection. You will certainly find something to make you feel beautiful, comfortable and special.


You will feel unique and feminine in our products.

We try our hardest so that all the products in the AJSO Collection will amaze with their wealth of colours and designs. Appreciation by women gives us our greatest satisfaction. Browse through the range of elegant dresses by AJSO - a producer of dresses for women.